Top 5 Timber Frame Materials for Building Your Dream Home.

Hybrid Timber Frame Home Building Materials


Hybrid timber frame homes consist of a combination of both natural wood building materials and modern home building materials such as standard drywall with studs and insulation between the hand-hewn, manufactured or reclaimed timber framework. Other accents may include custom cable railings with stainless steel or iron banisters, modern masonry materials and modern machined wood building materials.

Green / Energy Efficient Timber Frame Home Building Materials


There are a number of different energy efficient timber frame building materials most notably and common to see from new construction timber frame home builders is the use of SIPS or "Styrofoam Insulated Panel Systems". These panels sandwich Styrofoam between 2 wood or other types of paneling materials like sheet metal, more so for roofs, or vinyl/plastics. lower cost SIPS are covered in self-adhering aluminum sheeting and sometimes more dense foams.

Reclaimed Timber Frame Home Building Materials


If you want to take your "green" timber frame home building project to the ultimate level and create a truly environmentally conscious dream house, recycled/reclaimed timber frame home builders are who you should be contacting. These rustic master craftsman will resurrect from antique barns and cabins the most beautiful wood beams and siding panels with unparalleled and unique characteristics. Rescuing each salvageable piece and our one and only mother earth from their potential demise all the while creating a stunning reclaimed timber frame home beyond your wildest imagination. 

Manufactured Timber Frame Home Building Materials


A well-made home is one thing but a well-made timber frame home with extravagantly manufactured timber frame home building materials can literally feel larger than life! The real beauty of a timber frame dream home is always about the nuances that truly make it grand. Having the right timber frame home building material manufacturer, supplying all the wood helps. You'll be sure that every piece is expertly crafted with exquisite attention to detail and the utmost of care every beam and panel will match perfectly and fit snuggly throughout the lifetime of the home and maybe more.

Hand Hewn Timber Frame Home Building Materials


Nothing compares to the warm and cozy feeling you get when your surrounding by real master crafted hand-hewn timbers. Being able to see with your own eyes the passion and pride that went into creating each post, beam, and plank from a hand-hewn timber frame home builder gives you an extraordinary feeling that really can't be put into words, if your not privy to this experience, you'll just have to see for yourself in your new custom hand-hewn timber frame home building project.

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