EWP Patterns

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EWP Patterns (Standard Grade) 

  • 1x6 - (Beaded T&G, s1s2e) 
  • 1x8 - (T&G, shiplap, nickel gap t&g, s1s2e) 
  • 1x10 - (s1s2e) 
  • 1x12 - (chink, shiplap, s1s2e, T&G) 
  • 1x12 Machine hewn channel 
  • 2x8 D-log 
  • 2x8 Machine hewn D-Log 
  • 2x12 D-Log 
  • 6x8 D-Log 


EWP S4S (Premium Grade) 

  • 1x4 
  • 1x6 
  • 1x8 
  • 1x10 
  • 1x12 
  • 2x6 T&G SPF 

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