Our Signature Wavy Edge

Our Signature Wavy Edge


There are many types of log that can make up a log home building system, D-log, full or half, with corner post, Saddle Notched and Swedish Cope. Furthermore the Flat on Flat with dovetail or Flat on Flat with timber corner post are additional log profiles.

One of the specialties of Smoky Mountain Log & Timber Homes is the Handcrafted Flat Dovetail-Chink Log & Timber Frame architecture and over time we have developed a style that is uniquely our own, known as “Our Signature Wavy Edge”. We would like you to consider why this traditional style might be the right choice for your next home, outdoor structure or commercial building.

Our locally sourced Eastern White Pine logs start at the same point as many other styles of rough sawn lumber commonly called “cant”. In terms of milling lumber, a cant is a partially sawn log with at least one flat side. You can have a one-sided cant, a two sided cant, and further a three and four sided cant. We use four-sided cant logs, delivered on site. At that point they then go through a process of hand cuts and hewing and further, with our handcrafted “Signature Wavy Edge”, become the authentic style that is so desired.

Most ready-made packaged log home companies that use the Chink Style are cut on a milling machine creating a straight uniformed line to hold the sealant material called “chink” or “chinking”. Chinking is the material that fits between the imperfect joints of logs to ensure a “seal” from external elements such as rain, snow and sleet, whilst eliminating heat loss and air infiltration. Synthetic log home chinking today has replaced the traditional Portland cement and daubing which historically was used well over 200 years old. Because the Chink Log & Timber Frame home is a client favorite, now that modern chinking materials make it efficient, we feel that machine milled logs look like they just came out of a factory assembly line and lacks the true authentic character people are seeking in this type of log system.

After careful design, Smoky Mountain Log & Timber Homes developed a hand-crafted technique for our logs with a profile that mimics what these structures would have looked like years ago when settlers first built this type of architecture. Since there were no modern saw mills out in the wilds, so much of this work was cut by hand using various tools such as an Adze Axe and Chisel, although we do use some modern tools such as a Skip Planer and Chain Saw. Yet even so this form of handcrafted cutting created a wavy, natural edge to the chink groove that would eventual be filled with the Portland cement or plain mud & straw.

Through a thoughtful design we wanted to capture this natural look for a realistic and authentically rustic, yet elegant energy efficient log home. That is why our homes are so desired, as each log is hand cut, planed, stained and then numbered, one at a time, before they go on site to be assembled into the finished product. If you are looking for true craftsmanship, and a time honor style of Log & Timber frame home, let us show you some of our work and we think you will agree that our "Signature Wavy Edge" is truly unique and true to the first settlers that created this style.


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